The future for Pantycelyn



04 April 2014

Aberystwyth University will be working with UMCA, the Aberystwyth Welsh-speaking Students’ Union, on the development of a business plan for the future use of Pantycelyn as a Welsh Language and Cultural Centre.

This will include providing detailed options for the continuation of Pantycelyn as catered accommodation for students that are Welsh speakers and Welsh learners.

Following consultation with members of the University’s teaching staff and the Aberystwyth branch of the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol, the University has developed the proposal that will see the University work closely with UMCA on the Business Plan.

The University’s hope is that the new Welsh Language and Cultural Centre will act as a hub for our entire Welsh-speaking community, including students, staff as well as the wider community.

Aberystwyth University is firmly committed to attracting Welsh-speaking students and to promote access to the expanding Welsh medium provision, together with widest possible range of Welsh-medium social and cultural opportunities.

The development of high quality Welsh medium accommodation as part of the £45m student residences at Fferm Penglais has always been driven by the desire to ensure that Welsh speaking students could enjoy some of the best accommodation and communal facilities on offer in any university.

The Fferm Penglais development has been a clearly defined ambition for the University for nearly 6 years. Student representatives, including the UMCA President and the Students’ Union President, have been fully involved and consulted at every stage of this process.

The agreed proposal does not affect the current plans for the new Welsh medium accommodation at Fferm Penglais.

From September 2014, Welsh speaking students and those learning Welsh will be able to choose between catered accommodation in Pantycelyn, and self-catered accommodation on Fferm Penglais.