Extreme weather and climate change

Dr Sarah Davies (left) and Dr Cerys Jones

Dr Sarah Davies (left) and Dr Cerys Jones

07 May 2014

A public talk will this week explore how historical records of extreme weather events in Wales may help us to understand how we can deal with extreme weather today.

This year’s winter storms, which threw Aberystwyth into the spotlight (and most of the beach onto the prom), have brought debates about extreme weather and climate change closer to home.  Dr Cerys Jones & Dr Sarah Davies of Aberystwyth University’s Department of Geography and Earth Sciences are using a range of archival materials, including letters, journals, newspapers and public records to identify periods of unusual and extreme weather in Wales.

They examine how communities and individuals coped with such events in the past, drawing parallels with recent experiences here in west Wales.

This research is part of a UK-wide project investigating historical climate variability, weather extremes and social responses.

The talk will take place at 6.30pm on Thursday May 8th, in the Edward Llwyd Building on the University’s Penglais Campus.

This event will be broadcast on the Climate Change Consortium of Wales’ web site at www.c3wales.org, where details of future talks and previous recordings can be viewed.