iPhone and Apple Watch programmers converge on Aberystwyth

02 September 2015

Hundreds of iPhone programmers from around the globe will be converging on Aberystwyth next week (7-10 September) to hear world experts on building software for iPhone and Apple Watch.

The seaside town is an unlikely place as a centre for advanced software development, but Aberystwyth University’s Computer Science department has been a leader in training and encouraging companies to take up the technology.

One of last year's delegates described the conference as "a bunch of loveable developers on a quaint University campus near the scenic Welsh seaside… and it is phenomenal!”.

As most developers travel there by train, another one commented, "this leads to a gathering of attendees all heading for the same train which takes on a geek equivalent of the Hogwarts Express."

When they reach Aberystwyth, delegates hear talks and tutorials from top speakers on subjects such as Apple Watch, the iPhone plans of companies such as Facebook, and Apple's new computer language, Swift.

The reason developers keep coming back to Aberystwyth was summed up by Paul Freeman, one of last year's attendees. He said: “Probably the best conference I've been to in my software life, friendly and chock full of talented and generous people”, and this year developers are coming from the United States, Russia, Belgium, Holland, Germany and 14 other countries.

iOSDevUK 5 takes place at Aberystwyth University from  Monday 7th  until Thursday 10th September 2015.

Further information on the events, speakers and times is available from the conference website http://www.iosdevuk.com/ .