Aberystwyth Cycle Festival

25 May 2016

This weekend will see an action packed programme of cycling in Aberystwyth and the return of Aberystwyth Cycle Festival for the seventh consecutive year from 27-29 May.

The event, which is hosted in partnership with the University, will welcome some of Britain’s top cyclists which will include on and off road action.

Professor John Grattan, Acting Vice Chancellor at Aberystwyth University said: “I am thrilled that Aberystwyth University is a partner for this year’s Aberystwyth Cycle Festival once again. I am particularly looking forward to participating in ‘Y Cawr’, the 106 mile ride for the Welsh Wild West Sportive Event, this Sunday 29 May, as part of my ongoing training for the Ironman challenge later this year. I look forward to seeing many of you there.”

This Friday (27 May), the roads of Aberystwyth will be closed for the televised Tour Series pro criterium.

The award winning one-kilometre closed circuit circumnavigates the iconic 19th century Old College, the 13th century Castle, the Victorian Pier and also brushes the town centre for what is set to be a great day’s entertainment for all.

The downhill mountain bike racing event, known as ‘Conquer the Cliff’, will take place on Saturday 28 May on Constitution Hill and on Sunday 29 May, the Welsh Wild West Sportive event has four routes of different distances for riders to choose from. These include a 26, 41, 70 or 106 mile option.

Jeff Saycell, Sports Centre Facilities Manager at Aberystwyth University said:

“We are delighted Cyclefest has returned to Aberystwyth for its seventh consecutive year and its partnership with the University continues. I am particularly looking forward to see the University’s staff and students to participate in the Town vs Gown race which takes place on Friday 27 May.  This race is only 20 minutes long and it is fancy dress so it’s not too demanding and good fun for all those that take part.”

More information on the festival can be found here: http://www.abercyclefest.com/