EXHIBITION: Another Line to Follow

Artworks from the exhibition - Nant-y-moch 3 by Alicia Webster, Seattle Downtown by Tom Voyce, and Blues by Rachel Rea

Artworks from the exhibition - Nant-y-moch 3 by Alicia Webster, Seattle Downtown by Tom Voyce, and Blues by Rachel Rea

16 March 2020

An exhibition which celebrates the ongoing friendship and collaboration between artists who met whilst teaching or studying art at Aberystwyth University has opened at School of Art Gallery.

Another Line to Follow features work by five artists, Carolyn Wallace, June Forster, Rachel Rea, Tom Voyce and Alysia Webster. 

The group came up with the concept of ‘following lines’ as a way of using each other’s work and ideas as a springboard to produce new artworks of their own.  

The exhibition features drawings in pencil and ink, collages, mixed media and paintings.

Neil Holland, Senior Curator and Lecturer at the School of Art explains: “Each ‘line’ can be thought of as a suggested line of enquiry.  The artists used a particular method of working, for example collage, or followed a particular set of rules such as using only a limited colour palette.  Like a game of ‘Consequences’, each idea was passed on for the others to take up and develop in their work, using a variety of materials and techniques.”

Dr June Forster completed a PhD in Fine Art and is a tutor at the School of Art.  She explains: “Through the exhibition we intend to provide an insight into the creative process and to demonstrate how a series of works can be produced from the slightest of starting points.

“The exhibition aims to inspire current students to understand that communication and collaboration go on beyond university. As we discovered through our exchanges of artwork and discussions on the image-making process, there is always another line to follow.”

Another Line to Follow is on view at the School of Art Gallery, Buarth Mawr, Aberystwyth until 1 May 2020. 

The Gallery is open Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm (closed 10-14 April).  All are welcome and admission is free.

Biographical information:

Carolyn Wallace attended the Royal College of Art, 1967-1970, and eventually settled in Wales. She was visiting tutor at the Elisabeth Frink School of Figurative Sculpture and taught Continuing Education art classes from her studio in Ystrad Meurig, attended by June Forster. Carolyn has work in the Contemporary Art Society for Wales and has exhibited most recently with Tom Voyce and June Forster at ‘Teaching Painting: Fully Awake 5.6’ in London, that looked at the impact of intergenerational art teaching.

June Forster trained at the School of Art, Aberystwyth, and began teaching there at the start of her PhD Fine Art studies in 2007. As tutor in drawing and painting she met Rachel Rea, Tom Voyce and Alysia Webster during their first-year studies and later collaborated on a postcard exchange with Tom during his MA. Since finishing her PhD in 2014, she continues to explore her interests in aspects of landscape experience and colour interaction. She has exhibited widely since 2005 and has work in the ‘Paintings in Hospitals’ collection.

Rachel Rea was awarded a first-class BA Fine Art and English Literature in 2016 and MA Fine Art (Distinction) in 2018 from Aberystwyth University. She works from her studio in Borth, exhibiting in gallery and group shows in various parts of the UK and her paintings feature in many private collections.

Tom Voyce studied at the School of Art and was awarded a first-class BA Fine Art (2012) and MA Fine Art (Distinction) in 2014. Tom went on to qualify as a teacher and continued to paint, and in 2017 won Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year. He has subsequently travelled all over the world teaching workshops and exhibiting and is represented by several galleries in the UK and New Zealand.

Alysia Webster was awarded a first-class BA Fine Art in 2016 and MA (Distinction) in 2018 from Aberystwyth University. She paints from her studio in Yorkshire, exhibits widely, and has work in many private collections. Her work featured in The Graduate Art Prize, London, in 2017 and she is represented by ARTIQ.