Researching the impact of gender-based violence on men and boys in Nigeria

15 January 2024

The impact of gender-based violence on men and boys in Nigeria is the focus of a new study at the University following the awarding of a prestigious fellowship.

Antarctic seals help Aberystwyth scientist monitor ocean warming

12 January 2024

Seals will be helping an Aberystwyth University academic monitor ocean warming in the Antarctic during a voyage of the RRS Sir David Attenborough.

Major research investment into land use transformation at Aberystwyth University

16 January 2024

Aberystwyth University is part of a new expert consortium established to help the Welsh Government and other UK administrations tackle greenhouse gas emissions from land use and agriculture.

Unlocking clover’s potential to reduce fertiliser use – research aim

16 January 2024

Scientists are aiming to unlock the potential of clover and other legumes to reduce the use of fertiliser and emissions from livestock agriculture, thanks to a £3.3 million UK Government grant.

Double Michelin-starred chef opens new University sports dome and gym

17 January 2024

Aberystwyth University’s new sports dome, which features the latest in self-charging gym equipment, has been opened by one of the UK’s leading chefs.

Can green tea prevent age-related disease? Research project

25 January 2024

Aberystwyth University scientists are testing how nutrients in green tea can affect age-related diseases by monitoring people’s brain activity.

Mothers sew quilt to promote infant feeding discussions

24 January 2024

Mothers have been sewing a quilt to encourage discussions about the infant feeding choices they make, as part of an Aberystwyth University academic’s project.

Plaid Cymru leader to respond to Constitutional Commission Report

24 January 2024

The leader of Plaid Cymru will give his response to the report of the Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales at an event organised by the University at the end of this month.

Scent training could make pet dogs better behaved – Aberystwyth University study

29 January 2024

Scent training could make pet dogs better behaved, a new study by Aberystwyth University academics suggests.

‘Boost’ to Aberystwyth Vet School with major institute donation

30 January 2024

Aberystwyth University’s vet students will have the chance to learn at a world-renowned Swiss research institute following a major donation.

Powys and Monmouthshire transport projects awarded Aberystwyth University grants

31 January 2024

Two community transport projects in Powys and Monmouthshire have received grants from Aberystwyth University.