Risk Management

Risk management is something which should be carried out at all levels of the University and across all areas of activity.  The University has risk management procedures in place to help identify risks, capture any risk management activity which is already being carried out and identify where further action is required.

The University oversees risk via the Risk Management Committee which sits outside the University Executive and reports directly to the Audit and Risk Committee of Council.

Institute / Service Department Risk Registers (Local Risk Registers)

Individual risk registers are maintained by each Academic Institute and Professional Service Department and submitted to the Planning Office three times a year.  The Risk Management Committee receives an update on the local risk registers at each of its meeting and reports on this to the Audit and Risk Committee.  However, the risk registers are ‘live’ documents which should be reviewed regularly and updated as often as necessary.  THe Corporate Risk Register is brought to Executive monthly for their input and action.

Overall responsibility for ensuring the completion and maintenance of the local risk registers lies with the Institute Managers or Heads of Service Department but this should be done in consultation with senior managers and colleagues.  Guidance on risk management and the completion of risk registers is provided below.

Risk Management Process

Guidelines for Completing Institute and Departmental Risk Registers

Risk Management Policy and Procedures

Risk Management Committee Terms of Reference - Dec 2017

Risk Appetite Statement

Risk Appetite Matrix

Risk Management Timetable

Risk Management Sharepoint Site - Staff Only



For information regarding your local risk register contact your head of Service Department or Institute Manager, or Project Managers where appropriate.

For any general queries on risk management contact one of the following members of the Planning Department:






Dr Sarah Taylor

Head of Strategic Development

01970 621863