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Fine-Scale Structure in Cometary Dust Tails I: Analysis of Striae in Comet C/2006 P1 (McNaught) through Temporal MappingPrice, O., Jones, G. H., Morrill, J., Owens, M., Battams, K., Morgan, H., Druckmüller, M. & Deiries, S. 2018 In : Icarus.319, p. 540-55718 p.
Global Non-Potential Magnetic Models of the Solar Corona During the March 2015 EclipseYeates, A. R., Amari, T., Contopoulos, I., Feng, X., Mackay, D. H., Mikić, Z., Wiegelmann, T., Hutton, J., Lowder, C., Morgan, H., Petrie, G., Upton, L. A., Canou, A., Chopin, P., Downs, C., Druckmüller, M., Linker, J. A., Seaton, D. B. & Török, T. 2018 In : Space Science Reviews.99, 214
Experimental and theoretical study of ultraviolet-induced structural/optical instability in non silicon-based luminescenceMalloy, J., Mantey, K., Maximenko, Y., Bahceci, E., Morgan, H., Yamani, Z., Boparai, J., Puthalath, K. & Nayfeh, M. H. 2018 In : Journal of Applied Physics.124, 4, 044501
Properties of the HPS-ICME-CIR interaction event of 09-10/09/2011Al-Shakarchi, D. A. M. & Morgan, H. 2018 In : Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics.123, 4, p. 2535-255622 p.
Ubiquitous and continuous propagating disturbances in the solar coronaMorgan, H. & Hutton, J. 2018 In : Astrophysical Journal.853, 2, 145
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