Dr Alison Mackiewicz

PhD (Bath), BSc Research Methods in Psychology (Southampton), BA (Hons) (Winchester)

Dr Alison Mackiewicz

Department Director of Marketing Recruitment & Admissions

Lifelong Learning Moderator - Sciences

Lecturer in Psychology

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Dr Alison Mackiewicz has a PhD from Bath University, and joined the Psychology department at Aberystwyth in 2013. Alison is a Chartered Psychologist and an Associate Fellow with the British Psychological Society; she is also a member of the British Sociological Association and several national alcohol study groups. During her time at Aberystwyth, Alison gained a Post-Graduate Teaching qualification (PGCTHE) and is a fellow of the HEA.Alison has teaching experience in a range of areas, including qualitative research methods, applications of psychology, psychology in practice, and counselling, coaching and mentoring, and is module coordinator for gender and the media. She sits on the BPS committee for Qualitative Methods in Psychology (QMiP). Her research interests primarily lie in alcohol consumption and gender.

Additional Information

Graduate member of BPS (MBPsS)

BPS Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol)

BPS Associate Fellow (AFBPsS)

Fellow of The Higher Education Academy (FEA)


BPS QMiP [Qualitative Methods in Psychology Section] committee member

Member of BSA, and BSA Alcohol Study Group

Member of Warwick Drinking Studies Network



Alison's research interests are in the areas of identity, such as gender, embodiment and culture; consumerism, including marketing and consumer cultures; alcohol and drug use; vulnerability and stigmatization; qualitative research methods, including discourse analysis and visual methods.

As part of her PhD research she explored how femininities are taken-up, reworked and resisted within the dominant discourses of agency and consumer-oriented subjectivity; intersecting with issues of sexuality, gender, power and class, her research documents the lived-experience of women's negotiations of sexiness and alcohol consumption in the twenty-first century.

Research project involvement:

Research Assistant

  1. investigating older women's (50+) experience of sexual relationships and sexual health care services in rural Wales.

  2. interviewing men and their partners about the influence of male uro-genital cancer on their lives and relationships, and the ways in which they have coped with these challenges.

Office Hours (Student Contact Times)

  • Tuesday 09.30-11.30
  • Thursday 10.00-11.00



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