Dr Rachel Rahman

BSc (Hons, Prifysgol Gogledd LLundain); PhD (Prifysgol Aberystwyth)

Dr Rachel Rahman

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Department of Psychology

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Dr Rachel Rahman has a first class BSc honours degree in Psychobiology from the University of North London and a PhD in psychology from Aberystwyth University. Rachel has expertise in Health Psychology utilising mixed methodologies to understand patient motivations and experiences in chronic disease and end of life care. Rachel is currently developing an interesting programme of research exploring the application of tele-health in rural health care.

Rachel has extensive teaching experience in a range of areas such as health psychology, research methods and biological psychology and as one of the founding members of the department has been instrumental in achieving BPS accreditation. She sits on a range of professional committees including the BPS Welsh branch of the Division of Health Psychology and is a representative on Hywel Dda University Partnership Board. Rachel is a chartered member of the BPS (CPsychol) and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


Module Coordinator
Course Viewer

Rachel has experience of teaching and coordination across a range of core undergraduate modules including quantitative and qualitative research methods, psychobiology and cognition through the medium of English and Welsh. She also uses her research expertise to deliver a popular specialist option module in Health psychology at second and third year. Rachel also supervises undergraduate dissertations in the area of health psychology utilising a range of research methods and analyses.


Dr Rachel Rahman has extensive experience of conducting clinical research utilising both quantitative and qualitative methodology to understand patient motivations and experiences in chronic disease and end of life care. Work to date examines patient behavioural regulation, psychological well-being and experiences in contexts such as cardiac rehabilitation, penile cancer and palliative care.

Dr Rahman has conducted a range of commissioned pieces of research on behalf of Hywel Dda University health Board, Ceredigion County Council, the Funding Council for Wales, and Ramblers Cymru.

Through a range of collaborations, Dr Rahman is contributing to the Welsh Assembly agenda of Prudent Health care by developing unique insights into the use of telehealth in clinical care. Specifically a programme of postgraduate research under Dr Rahman's supervision and in collaboration with colleagues in Hywel Dda University Health Board has explored: stakeholder perspectives on the use of tele-health in rural palliative care using both thematic and Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (Mr Joseph Keenan); the use of telehealth to support COPD patients in pulmonary rehabilitation (Mr Liam Knox); how conversation and interaction is negotiated via telehealth using conversation analysis (Mr David Dalley).

Rachel is currently working on a funded project exploring the role of telehealth to facilitate group art therapy for immunosuppressed patients in collaboration with Ms Gudrun Jones from Hywel Dda University Health Board.

Underpinning Dr Rahman's research is the theoretical framework of Self-Determination Theory (Deci & Ryan, 1985) which seeks to consider how psychological need satisfaction can support patients' psychological well-being and behavioural regulation to engage with clinical programmes and self-management of chronic disease.

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  • Tuesday 11.00-13.00
  • Thursday 15.00-16.00


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