Rooms & Labs

There are a number of rooms and labs you can book in the department to help you with your studies.

Each of these rooms has been designed specifically for certain types of course specific experiments or interviews and can be booked remotely via SONA.

BioPac MP150 System

BioPac Room 0.25, P5

One way of studying psychological topics is through the collection of physical data. This might be the sweat on your hands, your pulse or a number of other factors. Our BioPac system allows us to measure and see this in real time or save the data for later analysis. Training is required before using this equipment, this can be arranged and provided via email with our departmental technician.

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Tobii TX300

Eye Tracker Room 0.29, P5

Where you look can tell us a lot about the mental processes going on in your brain. Our screen based eye tracker can give us this information 300 times a second, allowing us to access research quality data of outstanding quality. Training is required before using this equipment, this can be arranged and provided via email with our departmental technician.

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Video Control System & Video Editing Suite

Video Control Room 0.52, P5

As a researcher, sometimes you need to be able to observe behaviour without being in the room to unconsciously influence it. In psychology this is commonly either done using a two-way mirror, or in our case, a video control room to view cameras in different rooms of our department. This must always be done with permission of the people in that room of course. Also in the Video control room are a range of high spec Apple computers which are there to allow video editing to create stimulae for research and analysis.

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Anechoic Chamber

Room 0.54, P5

When running experiments with people, distractions always have the potential to cause problems, this is especially important when the experiment involves sound. Our ‘sound proof room’ allows us to conduct experiments in a quiet environment free of noise and visual distractions.

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Child Development Lab

Room 0.27, P5

If you wish to gain experience working with young children in research / clinical contexts, the child development laboratory offers you this opportunity. Here, you will usually work with 2-8 year olds both typically developing and on the autism spectrum, as well as some other disorders such as SLI (Specific Language Impairment) and this room is set-up to allow you to do so. You will be able to conduct psychometric tests of language (using our extensive bank of psychometric tests) and are able to use these in dissertations where needed. There is also a Mac and touch screen to allow computerised, child-friendly tasks as well as creative tasks using real objects.

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Qualitative Research Recording Space

Qualitative Lab 0.51, P5

Interviews and group discussions are a big part of psychology, and making sure you have a good space for these to take place is very important. The ‘Quali Lab’ is a room sized to be comfortable for small groups, with nice seating, making it the perfect place for interviews and group discussion. It also hosts a built in audio recording system, controlled via simple touch screen and excellent quality microphone, allowing your recordings to be top quality for listening back to.

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Computer Room

Room 0.61, P5

Aswell as being used for a variety of teaching and practical sessions the computer room open to you when not in use. It has a number computers with fold down screens and has all of the university standard software availible to use. The room also has a projection system allowing you to practise presentations if you so wish.

Olympus AS-2400

Transcription Room 1.38, P5

When writing up recordings it can be useful to have a space away from home to be able to help you focus, that’s what our transcription room is for. Equipped with Olympus transcription software and handy foot pedals, which allow you to play, pause, rewind and fast forward your recordings. 

Food Preparation Space

Bio-Kitchen Room 0.22, P5

Sometimes for experiments we need to produce stimulus for taste or smell, this can be done in our Bio-Kitchen. This kitchen is kept closed to everyday use to ensure that the food you produce for research purposes has no other smells or taste from any other food. The room also has a small hatch through to a research cubicle which participants can sit in.

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Research Cubicles

Rooms: 0.31, 0.32, 0.33, 0.35, 0.40, 0.42, 0.43, 0.44 in P5

Either as a space for computer based research tasks or as just as a quiet place to study, our suite of research cubicles free to use and bookable through our calendar booking system.