2. Bringing solar system astronomy to the forefront of Welsh cultural life
Dr Huw Morgan

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Astronomy has become a central theme for several aspects of Welsh culture through the activities of the RAS200 project: ‘Astronomy and Geophysics through the Traditional Culture of Wales’.

It introduced astronomy to schools and cultural events through numerous workshops, competitions and creative events, reaching thousands of active participants and audiences of tens of thousands. This continues beyond the project lifetime and has left a legacy of science-themed artistic publications including music, artwork, and published books.

We embarked on an ambitious project to use Welsh cultural events as a vehicle to deliver scientific themes to a wider audience, through leading the 'Astronomy and Geophysics through the traditional culture of Wales' project, funded by the RAS 200 Sky & Earth scheme.

Lloerganiadau: Fflur Dafydd chats to Huw Morgan about her new book

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