Aberystwyth Research Portal

The Aberystwyth Research Portal makes the very best of Aberystwyth University's staff and postgraduate research openly available online, free of charge.

Content in the portal includes published outputs, postgraduate theses, project details, as well as records for other esteem activities. The portal also includes Personal Profiles of all current staff and research students. This allows browsers of the Portal to view on one page all related research content linked to that person. Browsing is also possible by department.

The public availability of such personal data is in line with the University’s Privacy Notice - Data Processing Declaration – Employee Data, point 7.


Browsing the Aberystwyth Research Portal

All of the content types available in the Aberystwyth Research Portal can be searched individually by clicking on the option on the left-hand menu. Each content type has its own Advanced Search options, allowing you to refine any results. Most content type results can also be sorted with different options available on the right-hand side of the screen.

Open access items

A number of research outputs, theses and dataset records have copies of the item attached to the records. This is indicated with a paperclip symbol to the right of the record entry in the results list. Where a copy of a research output is free to view it will be marked as ‘Open Access’. Within the individual record entry for the item, the available copy will be shown at the bottom of the page.

Embargoed Items

It is possible that some of the research output, theses and dataset records contain embargoed content, as indicated with a crossed through paperclip symbol on the right-hand side of the record entry in the results list. It is possible to ‘request a copy’ of the file via a mail-to link within the individual record entry for the item, at the bottom of the page.

Equipment access requests

A number of items of equipment listed within the portal are available for loan and this is indicated within the individual item record. It is possible to ‘request access’ to a piece of equipment via a mail-to link within the individual record entry for the item.


Access to and use of the material held within Aberystwyth University’s Research Portal is based on your acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

  1. Copyright subsists (and other intellectual property rights may subsist) in the material held in the Aberystwyth Research Portal and in any metadata attached, and all authors assert their moral right to be acknowledged as the authors.
  2. Aside from theses, and unless otherwise indicated, content in the Aberystwyth Research Portal is made available under the Creative Commons BY Licence. Theses are made available for non-commercial private study or research and may be copied accordingly.
  3. You may further reproduce, distribute, or publish any of the material in the Aberystwyth Research Portal (or any part thereof) held in print or electronic format, only where you have obtained permission from the rights owner/s or where the licence for that particular item specifically allows for this (i.e. where the material is licensed under a Creative Commons or similar licence, noted on the item or in its metadata).
  4. Content within the Aberystwyth Research Portal is provided on an "as is" basis and no warranties are given as to the accuracy, currency or comprehensiveness of any part of the material in the Aberystwyth Research Portal.
  5. You agree not to misuse any data obtained from the Aberystwyth Research Portal, or use or attempt to use any data therefrom to compromise, or otherwise infringe, the confidentiality of individuals, households or organisations.
  6. You agree to acknowledge the relevant original author/creator, and publisher in any printed, electronic or broadcast publication based wholly or in part on any material in the Aberystwyth Research Portal (including the use of quotations).

If you have any queries in relation to the re-use of material on the Aberystwyth Research Portal, contact is@aber.ac.uk.

Take-down policy

Aberystwyth University will, upon notification, consider removing any material on receipt of a query or complaint.

Complaints include contact from the owner or representative of the owner with intellectual property rights in all or part of the resource; the creator of all or part of the resource who has moral rights or any individual or organisation who believes that any of the material held on the Aberystwyth Research Portal, is in some way illegal or infringing.

Complaints can include notice of:

  • Unauthorised use by reason of reproduction and/or making available the protected material.
  • Breach of the moral right (e.g. paternity/integrity/right not to have work subjected to derogatory treatment).
  • Issues other than copyright and/or related rights (e.g. defamation, breach of confidence, data protection).

To make such a complaint, the complainant should send an e-mail to the metadata manager at is@aber.ac.uk specifying the particular item that is the subject of the complaint and the grounds for the complaint. On receipt of the complaint, the metadata manager will make an initial assessment of the validity of the complaint and will acknowledge its receipt.

Where the complaint is valid and to be pursued, the content that is subject to complaint will be temporarily removed from the research portal pending an agreed solution.

The metadata manager will then attempt to contact the contributor of the material and inform them that the item is subject to a complaint, under what allegations and they will be encouraged to address the complainants concerns. The metadata manager will spend a reasonable amount of time attempting to resolve the problem by mediating between the complainant and the contributor. All attempts will be made to resolve the issue swiftly and amicably to the satisfaction of both the complainant and the contributor.

Any resolution agreed through mediating between parties may involve one of the following outcomes:

  • The resource can remain in the research portal unchanged.
  • The resource is amended and replaced in the research portal or is made restricted access.
  • The resource is permanently removed from the research portal.

Contact info

For any help or queries in relation to the Aberystwyth Research Portal please contact Information Services via:

e-mail: is@aber.ac.uk with Aberystwyth Research Portal in the subject;


Phone: +44 (0)1970 62 2400, and ask to speak to a member of staff about the Aberystwyth Research Portal.