14. Centre for Photonics Expertise
Prof Andrew Evans, Dr Matt Gunn, Dr Rachel Cross, Dr Dave Langstaff, Dr Huw Morgan

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The Centre for Photonics Expertise (CPE) is a pan-Wales team from four Welsh universities, including Aberystwyth University, draws on their leading research, to offer light-based technological solutions to businesses across Wales.

CPE is funded by the European Regional Development Fund & Welsh Government to support and provide technical solutions to businesses in Wales with their manufacturing processes and their potential product innovations through the application of photonics technology. 

We have helped the following companies:

  1.  SureChill:Thermal Analysis of Novel Off-Grid Refrigeration;
  2. Micro Generation UK Ltd: Production of PPE during the COVID pandemic;
  3. Qioptiq: Thin Film Coatings;
  4. Varichem Co Ltd: Measurement of Polymer Particles;
  5. Techion: AI-Capable Disease Management for the Agriculture Sector;
  6. Steam Bio: Solar powered processing plant

Centre for Photonics Expertise

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