15. Amlinelliad/Outline: Art-science collaborations in an era of environmental, social, and technological change
Prof Stephen Tooth


A collaborative project between Aberystwyth University and the charity Art+Science that is addressing these questions.

Wales is one of few countries with a walking path around its entire coastline. The bilingual Amlinelliad/Outline project will create a series of virtual, site-specific, geo-located artworks around the coastline that can be viewed using an app on a mobile device.

Images, films, sculptures, poems, and performances will be visible/audible only at specific landscape points, each addressing complementary themes such as sea level rise, landscape change, history/legend, and belonging to a place.

The project will encourage the public to visit areas they wouldn’t normally consider while showcasing the majesty of the (changing) Welsh coastline.

Our vision is for the creation of a body of artworks that together will constitute first steps for a national digital collection, perhaps the first of its kind in the world.      


LinkedIn – Outline Wales

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