7. The Persians, Coriolan/us and …’: a series of site-specific performances
Professor Simon Banham, Dr Mike Brookes

National Theater Wales performance of Coriolan/us

Departmental staff, Mike Brookes and Simon Banham and the late Mike Pearson, conceived, designed and directed theatre productions of Aeschylus's The Persians (2010) for National Theatre Wales (NTW).

The theatre productions were for NTW's launch season and Coriolan/us for NTW in the World Shakespeare Festival/London 2012 at sites outside the auditorium.

The impacts of these productions are upon:

  1. Cultural life – in generating new forms of artistic expression, delivering innovative performance products, and enriching public appreciation, understanding and imagination;
  2. Policy and practice – in enhancing the status of NTW, informing and influencing programming and demonstrating that work of international standard can be produced regionally;
  3. Professional practice – in pioneering and contributing original ideas, methods and approaches.

Case study: The Persians, Coriolan/us and …’: a series of site-specific performances created for, and produced by, National Theatre Wales (NTW).


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