Who can help you with RDM?


Within AU

With support from the AU Open Access and Research Data Management Steering Group, the AU Research Data Management Working Group aim to provide a service to all AU researchers How? of any externally funded research projects, particularly those funders with stipulated research data management and/ or sharing expectations. Such external funders include but are not limited to:

  • UKRI
  • Government
  • European Commission
  • European Research Council
  • Charities
  • Commercial

The RDM Working Group will also aim to provide support for any AU researcher who has produced data within an unfunded research project and requires post-project support in the appraisal, selection and deposit of data.

The AU Research Data Management Working Group can be contacted via e-mail at: researchdata@aber.ac.uk


Outside of AU

"In conversation with Michael Ball from the BBSRC" answering big questions about biological data sharing.

The Digital Curation Centre (DCC) offer a number of useful How-to Guides including, ‘How to Develop a Data Management and Sharing Plan’ and ‘How to Appraise and Select Research Data’.

The UK Data Archive also offers a series of useful information on how to ‘Create and Manage Data’.

The UK Data Service offer a companion website for their publication ‘Managing and sharing research data: A guide to good practice’ by Louise Corti, Veerle Van den Eynden, Libby Bishop and Matthew Woollard, resources from which are utilised throughout these RDM webpages. This website is available here.
During the 2015 OpenAccess week, Veerle Van den Eynden gave a presentation on "Managing, Publishing, and Sharing Research Data" at Bangor University.

Katie Gowers of the British Oceanographic Data Centre gave a presentation series at Bangor University during the 2015 OpenAccess week on:


Training and Resources

EDINA, the JISC-designated centre for digital expertise and online service delivery based at the University of Edinburgh, have a produced a free online RDM training course adapted for specific researcher audiences such as students and senior academics. The MANTRA course is available here

As lead partner in the JISC funded KAPTUR Project, the University for the Creative Arts host a series of toolkits specifically for those concerned with RDM in the Visual Arts. Links to these toolkits are available from the UCA RDM webpage.

Upcoming training workshops, conferences and webinars related to RDM are detailed on the following UK Data Service webpage. It should be noted that the UK Data Service is funded by the ESRC and therefore, some listed sessions will be geared towards those within the Social Science disciplines.