Worktribe is Aberystwyth University’s new research management system.

Worktribe is a cloud-based software platform which provides a single interface for research grant costing, grant submission approval, and post-award budget management. This system will enable researchers and administrators to easily collaborate on the development and administration of research grant applications. 

Watch this 1-minute video to see what features and benefits Worktribe can provide:

System Implementation Timeline

On 6 February 2023, the Worktribe system began to supersede the current, paper-based approach for research grant applications.

From 21 August, all new UKRI grant applications will need to be applied for through Worktribe (AHRC, EPSRC, BBSRC, ESRC, MRC, NERC, STFC, Innovate UK).

For UKRI bids currently in development, the latest version of the FEC form (2023 v1.2) will still be accepted up to internal deadline 5pm 1 September, external deadline 8 September. If the submission is after these dates, the application must be submitted through Worktribe.

All other non-UKRI applications should continue to use the FEC form for now.

Post-award grant management will soon be available.


To ensure a successful transition to Worktribe, we have created comprehensive training videos, covering the system’s features, functionalities, and best practices.

Training Videos

Links to individual training videos are provided below:

01-Introduction to Worktribe

02-Standalone Budgets

03-Budget Headings

04-Creating a Project

05-Funder Templates

06-Staff Costing


08-Project Roles

09-Details Tab

10-Comments and Collaboration

11-Advanced Search


13-Managing Documents

14-Managing Budgets

To help us to continue to improve these training materials, please complete our training evaluation form once you have completed the training.

Link to Worktribe

It is essential to note the importance of data integrity and responsible system usage.  

Please do not create test/dummy applications within Worktribe as these will affect the reliability of the reporting data collected from the system. If you need to quickly cost an application without creating a project within Worktribe, you can do this by using the Standalone Budget function. 

Personal data is accessible through Worktribe therefore system users are responsible for ensuring they are up to date on the University's General Data Protection Regulation training.

Staff salary information must only be searched for if it is essential for your application(s). Staff will receive an email notifying them when their salary has been searched. However, if you are costing someone into an application, as a courtesy, please contact them in advance to let them know.

Link to Worktribe

Worktribe Support

If you have any questions, please contact us: 

System support –

Research grant application

Research Finance