Data Management

When should you manage your research data?

Data management needs to be planned early on in the research process so that practices can be implemented throughout the lifespan of the research project, and beyond. Appropriate planning at an early stage in the research project will ensure you are not in breach of any requirements from your funders; have sufficient storage for a specific period; can identify and obtain the right amount of resource and support where you need it.

Data often have a longer lifespan than the research project that creates them. Well organised, well documented, preserved and shared data are invaluable to advance scientific inquiry and to increase opportunities for learning and innovation.

How to manage your research data

Follow the links below for information and guidance on the individual elements related to managing data at each stage of your research project.

Before starting a project




Legal compliance

Throughout the project


Storage and security

Organising your data

Digital file formats

At the end of a project


Appraisal and selection of data

Depositing data

Sharing data