Data Management Plan (DMP) Creation


Research funders increasingly require grant-holders to develop and implement Data Management and Sharing Plans (DMPs) within their applications. Preparation of a data management plan is a good way to identify any resource requirements for the management of data, with many funders allowing costs associated with RDM to be included in grant applications.

Aberystwyth University Research Data Management Policy expects data management plans to be written for all new research projects, irrespective of whether submission of such plans is required when applying for research funding. The Digital Curation Centre’s (DCC) DMPOnline is recommended for the creation of such a plan.

DMPOnline provides templates for all major funders’ Data Management/ Sharing/ Technical Plans along with a generic template where a specific pro-forma is not used. All created plans can be exported to PDF format for attachment into applications within electronic submission systems such as J-eS, and for inclusion as an attachment with the internally submitted ‘Pink form’ (now a stated requirement).

DMPs typically state what data will be created and how, and outline the plans for sharing and preservation, noting what is appropriate given the nature of the data and any restrictions that may need to be applied. A general DMP content checklist is available from the Digital Curation Centre.

Aberystwyth University Data Management Plan Template