Public Engagement with Research Concordat

Aberystwyth University embeds the principles found within the Concordat into all of its public engagement with research activities.

The Concordat recognises and celebrates the importance of public engagement for research and society.

It sets out commitments and expectations aimed at fostering a research culture that values and supports public engagement and inclusiveness.

The Concordat also provides guidance to help research organizations, research managers and researchers meet these expectations and responsibilities.

Developed in collaboration with the funding and Research Councils, the Wellcome Trust and various government departments, the Concordat states that:

  • Signatory UK research organisations have a strategic commitment to public engagement 
  • Researchers are recognised and valued for their involvement with public engagement activities
  • Researchers are enabled to participate in public engagement activities through appropriate training, support and opportunities

All researchers at Aberystwyth should be familiar with the principles found within the Concordat, and take advantage of opportunities provided by the University to enhance and embed these skills in research activities.