Group Cycle Classes

Come along and try our excellent Group Cycle Classes!

Welcome to our excellent Group Cycle Classes.  Our classes are open to everyone from students, to staff and locals

We have 16 different classes on each week from beginners to advances. The studio has 14 bikes available.

Our Members are welcome to book a bike for up to 10 weeks in advance

However, you are able to book weekly for sessions. We keep 2 bikes free to book on a weekly basis so phone 01970622280 or call in to see if you can try out a session - There are no barriers of age or fitness, and our instructors will lead you through an effective and motivating session, to maximise your  potential.  We are able to adjust sessions so that Beginners and Advanced riders can work alongside each other.  We have the excellent Matrix Bikes and use the "CoachbyColor" training programme in many of our classes.  Our customers are singing the praises of this new system, so why not come down and have a go.