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Come and join our highly effective floor-work based on Joseph Pilates core training exercises. This is a mixed class for men and women where you will be taught a series of exercises that combine strength, stretch, and mobility for long lean muscles. This is a whole body workout with particular concentration on posture and the abdominals. The classes are suitable for mixed ability levels. Monday night's class takes place in the Sports Hall and you are advised to wear warmer clothing (long leggings, socks, long sleeved top) than you would in the Dance Room. 

Hatha Yoga

The word "Hatha" means training the mind and body to fitness through different stages of life. Hatha Yoga teaches us to focus on the presence of working moment to moment and consists of the postures (asanas) and breath control (pranayama). This form of yoga is one of the oldest systems of exercise known and can trace its roots back many thousands of years. This is a mixed ability class for men and women and is suitable for beginners or experienced yogis

Ashtanga Yoga

This class is based upon the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and is one of the more intense styles, using a series of postures practised in a flowing and dynamic way so as to create and maintain heat in the body. The use of special breathing techniques sustains the energy of the practice and provides a focus for concentration throughout.

The creation of heat through the muscle work and breath control increases the flexibility of body and decreases the risk of injury whilst helping to re-align the body and build strength and stamina. This practice enhances concentration, relaxes the mind and strengthens the nervous system. This is a more strenous class incorporating more dynamic and plyometric moves.  This is suitable for more experienced yoga students or athletic workout and is not recommended for beginners.

Yoga for All

This is a general level, mixbility class for men and women. The class will include various yoga styles and techniques. It is suitable for beginners and more experienced yogis

 Power Yoga

A dynamic short blast of yoga to set your weekend up - suitable for all