How do I start?

You can observe a class, or talk to an instructor. Check out our timetable, and choose which class you would like to attend. Book a bike, which can be done a week in advance. We advise that you turn up 5mins early, so the instructor can assist you with the bike set up, and you can talk to them about any concerns or health issues they need to be aware of.

How long is a class?

Classes run for either 45mins or 60mins, which all include a warm up and cool down, with stretching. Each Instructor delivers a unique programme

What do I need to wear?

Wear something that you feel comfortable and non-restrictive such as cycling shorts, running tights, t-shirt and a pair of well supported trainers or cycle shoes. We recommend that you try and wear a pair of cycling shorts or clothing that is quite tight to prevent chaffing. Cycle shorts or gel seats help reduce saddle soreness although most people get accustomed to the seat after the first few rides. Clothes that enhance cooling and accept increase sweat levels will help reduce that sweat dripping onto the bikes.

Cycle shoes or cross trainers are better to wear on your feet as thay have a stiffer sole and are more suitable than running shoes.

What else do I need to bring?

We suggest you bring a water bottle which the bikes are designed to hold as you will need to take on fluid during the class. BRING a towel to wipe down the body as this class will make you sweat!!

General House Rules and Guidance.

All customers must sign in and collect their tickets prior to the class starting and hand them to the Spin Instructor before the session. Those who have not signed in and collected their receipt risk losing their space.