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What is Aber People?

Aber People at Aberystwyth University will be transforming the way people-related services are accessed and delivered across the University by each and every one of us. Whether it is looking at our payslips, booking holiday leave, recording personal development or managing your team, Aber People will change the way we approach all of this.

What will Aber People do?

We all spend time filling in forms and posting them within our Departments and Institutes to various people for them to sign. We hope that the paper forms will make its way, in due course, to the correct person in both Department and Human Resources. We hope that the appropriate person will interpret the information as we intended and input it into the Human Recourses IT system. But we can never be sure that it has.

The strategy of Aber People is to modernise the way we work and replace our outdated paper-based systems with online services. As individuals, we will have access to view our own personal data, make some changes or make requests such as holiday leave and track its progress on line. We will know exactly where our request is, be it for holiday, for time-sheets or for a contractual change, and what its status is. As recruiters or managers, we will be able to manage processes on line and it will also centralise a number of systems and processes within one environment.  This will give access to improved real-time data and clear reports that will give accurate overview information on our team or department.

How do I find out more?

Please use the Self-Service user guide which contains a comprehensive list of the menu and functions within the system.  Further drop in information sessions will be held in the coming months.  

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