Pobl Aber People Self Service Documents

User Guide

User Guide - Getting started
Pobl Aber People Guide for AberTemps (PDF)


  • Logging in
  • My information
  • Availability
  • Technical issues
Declaring Annual Leave (PDF)

3 step process:

  1. Check that all the annual leave taken between 1st January to 31st July has been booked on the system
  2. Add any annual leave that you have taken but not recorded on the system
  3. Confirm & declare annual leave recorded

Frequently Asked Questions

Logging In (PDF)

This includes:

  • Activating your account
  • How to log in
  • Cannot remember password or staff username
Absences (PDF)

This includes:

  • Annual leave
    • Entitlement/balance
    • How to view your requested leave
    • Amending requests
    • Cancelling requests
Your Personnel Information (PDF)

This includes:

  • How to view personal information recorded on the system
  • How to change personal information
  • Adding/updating contact details
  • Changing home address
  • Recording/removing next of kin, emergency contact, dependants and beneficiaries
  • How to view payslip

Line Manager Toolkit