Computer room

A commitment to e-learning is a high priority at Aberystwyth where online learning and examinations are a key part of the curriculum across a range of academic departments. Computer rooms are, therefore, provided on Penglais campus to facilitate lecture, workshop and training activities that require students to have access to computers on a classroom-wide basis. The largest computer rooms on Penglais campus are located in close proximity to the departments of Computer Science, Maths and Physics, the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS) and the department of Geography and Earth Sciences (DGES). Access to these rooms is shared by students and staff across the university. During periods when these rooms are not timetabled for teaching purposes, students are encouraged to use the computing facilities available for individual or group study activities and assignment preparation.

If you encounter a fault with a computer workstation, please report it to the Information Services Customer Services helpdesk by dialling extension 2400 using the internal telephones which are provided in each of the centrally timetabled computer rooms.