International Visits

At Aberystwyth University we correspond with many external visitors that we liaise with in order to strengthen international links. Some of these visitors are from around the world which allows the University to develop working relationships on a global scale which benefit both parties and its institutions. Our staff members also go that step further by travelling abroad to different places in order to help put Aberystwyth University on the map.

Many reasons for trying to create these links are:

  • Student Recruitment purposes through promoting Aberystwyth University to prospective students.
  • Identifying partnership opportunities which will mutually benefit all parties involved. This may include exchanging equipment to increase the prospect of research within the Universities.
  • Brand building and making a name for Aberystwyth University. The Mauritius Campus is a recent example of how Aberystwyth is expanding as a global business.
  • Offering student exchange programmes in order to further increase prospects for students.
  • Allows the opportunity for University members to attend global conferences to meet, greet and collaborate with other international universities

For more information on international visits and events, please click on the following link which will take you through to the International Office webpage:

International Aberystwyth