Prof John Grattan

Prof John Grattan


Pro Vice-Chancellor, Student Experience and International

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If you wish to get in touch, please contact John's Executive Personal Assistant, Lucy Dolloway-Dumbrill, on:

Phone: 01970 622011


Professor Grattan has an extensive academic background in Environmental and Archaeological Science and has developed a real passion regarding science communication. He began his career obtaining a Ph.D. from The University of Sheffield and his research has since been highlighted in many different media outlets such as: The Economist, The Guardian, The Times and International Television and Radio.

In 1995 he joined the University of Wales, Aberystwyth where he held positions of Senior Lecturer, Reader, Professor and Dean of Faculty of Science at Aberystwyth University. In 2012 he was appointed the Pro Vice-Chancellor of Student Experience and International. On top of this he is a board member of the QAA, HEFCW's Student Experience, Teaching and Quality Committee and UniversitiesWales Pro Vice-Chancellor Learning and Teaching Advisory Group where he is currently the Chair.

John is a highly regarded lecturer, he was a late entrant to higher education and believes passionately that going to university is a privilege that can change people's lives, it changed his!



Research Interests

Volcanic Hazards. Environmental impact of volcanic eruptions. Cultural responses to extreme events. Ecotoxicology. The industrial legacies of the ancient world. The inception and development of the first factories. Landscape archaeology. Geochemical records of environmental change.

Research Groups


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