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Dr Joe Ironside

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I obtained a BSc(Hons) in Biology and an MSc in Ecology from Bangor University before moving to The University of Leeds to engage in PhD studies of the evolution of parasitic sex ratio distortion in amphipod crustaceans. After a period of postdoctoral research into sex chromosome evolution at Birmingham University, I joined Aberystwyth University as Lecturer in Animal Genetics. Since then, I have continued my studies of sex-ratio distorting parasites, particularly the microsporidian parasites of crustaceans. I have broadened my research to study microsporidian phylogenetics and life cycles, particularly the evolution of sex in these unusual organisms. I have also studied the population genetics of the parasites' crustacean and mollusc hosts and this has led to research into conservation genetics of commercially harvested shellfish. I teach at all levels, from foundation, through undergraduate to masters and have developed several modules in genetics and evolutionary biology. I also participate in the governance of Aberystwyth University as a member of its Senate and Council.



Parasitic sex-ratio distortion, evolution of sex chromosomes, parasite biodiversity, population and conservation genetics of shellfish and other animals.



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