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Welcome to the Aberystwyth Business School


I am Professor Andrew Thomas, Head of Aberystwyth Business School.

In choosing a university, you are facing a difficult and crucial decision that will help shape your future. One of the main reasons for choosing Aberystwyth is that we give our students the freedom to think creatively and critically while developing academically and professionally in a versatile learning environment. If you come to Aberystwyth, you will be studying at a university that delivers innovative degrees underpinned by ground-breaking research. Aberystwyth University welcomes students from all parts of the UK and Europe, as well as international regions and countries including China, Malaysia, the Gulf region and Africa.

At Aberystwyth Business School, you will study for a degree that will provide the best possible preparation for your future career. Our graduates progress to careers in fields such as accountancy, marketing, management, financial services and tourism management. We offer an optional Employability Skills for Professionals module in the final year of most of our degree programmes, which provides the opportunity to gain work experience by undertaking a part-time placement with a local employer. The Year in Employment scheme allows you to take a one-year break from your studies in order to complete a longer spell of work experience. These opportunities contribute to our successful results for employment after graduation.

Aberystwyth Business School is partnered with many Universities globally, and there are opportunities to complete part of your studies at a foreign university. Partner universities include the University of La Rochelle, France; University of Seville, Spain; Julius Maximillian’s University, Wurzburg Germany and University of Tampere, Finland. Undertaking a work experience placement or studying abroad should give you a great advantage in the job market after graduation, as your experiences will enable you to demonstrate your employability and/or your capability of adapting and living and learning in a different culture.   

Your degree programme at Aberystwyth Business School will allow you to gain experience in a broad range of subjects in business, economics and management in your first year, in addition to the subjects that are core to your degree specialism. If you are unsure about your final choice of a degree programme, this allows you opportunities to change your programme before finally deciding on which specialist route you wish to pursue in your second and third years.

In addition to their teaching, many of the staff at Aberystwyth Business School are active researchers, who publish in internationally-recognised academic journals, as well as books and conference proceedings. We have research expertise in areas such as international trade, corporate governance, taxation, consumer behaviour, entrepreneurship, financial institutions and markets, tourism, environmental economics and the economic valuation of biodiversity. The School’s research underpins our undergraduate curriculum, ensuring that our teaching is fully up-to-date with the latest subject developments. The strong international reputation of Aberystwyth Business School and Aberystwyth University ensure that your degree will be recognised and valued by employers, both throughout the UK and internationally.

Our emphasis within Aberystwyth Business School is very much on friendly and informal relationships between staff and students. One of the advantages of Aberystwyth is that you will easily make personal contact with members of staff, who are always ready and willing to help out with any issue you may encounter during your studies. Aberystwyth Business School offers you the opportunity to study in a School which combines an international academic reputation with a friendly, welcoming and hospitable atmosphere.

I strongly recommend that you reserve a place on one of our Open Days or Applicant Visiting Days when you will get a chance to visit Aberystwyth Business School, see our fantastic campus, and meet our talented students.

If you have any questions about our courses, or about Aberystwyth Business School or Aberystwyth University, please get in touch.

Professor Andrew Thomas


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