Workshops and taster presentations to schools and colleges.

Visits from our academic staff, together with our School Liaison team, can be arranged at times and dates that are convenient for your school.

UK Outreach

Our workshops have been designed with the curriculum in mind and are adapted to meet your individual needs.

Please contact Dr Sophie Bennett to discuss requirements or organise a school visit. 

We have a variety of resources available for teachers, students and parents/guardians online in the Outreach Hub. These materials, aimed at a variety of age-groups, include home experiments, worksheets, projects, challenges, research topics, webinars, puzzles, lesson materials and more.

Aberystwyth Business School - Group Activities

  1. Business game activity that involves group interaction, and incorporates several elements of business practice, such as planning, strategy, time management and teamwork. Students will be expected to think on their feet to complete a challenge within a certain time, with some obstacles along the way to simulate control roles. After completing the game, students will report back to their rest to the group to discuss their progress on the task. The activity lasts about 1 hour. (This session can be provided through the medium of Welsh).
  2. Mentoring on the Welsh Baccalaureate activities involved in the Enterprise and Employment Challenge. Academic staff members can discuss students' ideas and progress in relation to the challenge, as well as provide students with detailed feedback. This could also be included as evidence of their work to expand their project ideas beyond the classroom. (This session can be provided through the medium of Welsh).
  3. Interactive group seminar that focuses on different business elements (it can include: Management, Marketing, Economics, Finance, Accounting and Tourism). Students are challenged to analyze and present on timely business business issues. Each group will benefit from presentations by members of academic staff on each of the business elements in relation to the subject matter. The activity lasts approximately 1.5 hours.

Our Workshops

Below is a sample of what we can offer you:

Economics: Is about choice and is at the heart of decision making. Individuals, businesses and governments are all faced with making choices in situations where resources are scarce. As a result, economics is applicable to a wide range of fields including business, finance, administration, law, local and national governments and indeed most aspects of everyday life. This taster talk will introduce students to the main principles of economics. Increasingly, policy debate is being cast in economic terms, and an understanding of economics is crucial to analysing current issues such as Brexit, European Migrant and Refugee crisis, rising income inequality, and the rapidly changing.

Accounting and Finance: Accounting is about providing important and complex information and advice. Understanding accounts provides an insight into how financially successful a business is, allows for consideration of ways of funding a new business or the growth in an existing one. Having a clear grasp of accounting can also help to predict which new product is going to be the most profitable and create a profound understanding of what makes businesses successful and what can cause them to fail. This taster talk will cover some of the most challenging questions for modern businesses such as the importance of maintaining and developing trust and the consequences of betraying that trust; what is fraud, how does it happen and how can we minimise the risk of it happening? These are important considerations for any professional career, not just in Accounting and Finance. 

Tourism, General Taster Talk: Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world, with over 1 billion international tourists worldwide in 2016, and is very important to the Welsh economy. As a service industry it is very focused on providing experiences to people in a globally competitive marketplace. Whilst often seen as a ‘smokeless industry’, it has major economic, social and environmental impacts. This talk will discuss some of the principles and impacts behind managing tourism and its importance to Wales.

Interactive group seminar focusing on different elements of Business can include: Management, Marketing, Economics, Finance, Accounting and Tourism: Students will be set a challenge in groups to analyse and present on a topical business issue, with each group benefitting from presentations from academic members of staff on each business element in relation to the topic. Length of activity approximately 1.5 hours

Business Game: Business game activity that involves group interaction, incorporating several elements of business practice, such as planning, strategy, time management and team work. Students will be required to think on their feet to complete a challenge within an allotted amount of time, which includes obstacles along the way, replicating the role of management. Following completion of the game, students will report back in their teams to the rest of the group to discuss their progress with the task. Length of activity approximately 1 hour. Welsh-language session available.

Mentoring on Welsh Baccalaureate activities relating to the Enterprise and Employability Challenge: Academic members of staff can discuss the students’ ideas and progress relating to the challenge, as well as providing detailed feedback to the students. This could also be included as evidence of their work in expanding their project ideas beyond the classroom. Welsh-language session available.

Global Logistics: Sea Blindness, or the Unreported Ocean: This taster talk introduces the topic of global maritime logistics, an industry that brings you the things that you use every day, the fuel that powers cars, buses and lorries, much of the food you eat and most of the clothes you wear, amongst so many other things. It is a fascinating story of a highly developed, very efficient global transport system; an important story that is so often unknown or taken for granted.Britain is an island, historically a sea-faring nation. We have a proud past of exploring the oceans of the world, not always in the friendliest way. However, if you were to ask people in Britain these days how much of the things we buy came to Britain by sea, most people would get the answer very wrong. They would be unaware of the communities of people who spend much of their lives at sea, supplying us with the goods produced in the global economy. We all use the internet to buy things from all over the world: ebay, for example, is a gateway to a global market. The internet connects us with suppliers, but the shipping industry delivers on that contract.

Human Resource Management, Motivating Employees: In the current economic climate motivation is a key concept for all businesses. Contemporary organisations are beginning to realize their main method of gaining competitive advantage is in their unique workforce. At the same time, employees are increasingly willing to take lower paid jobs to do a role that they enjoy in an environment that they feel comfortable within. This taster talk will use a cases-study approach to consider how organisations create a motivated and engaged workforce, discuss what fuels people’s passion for their work and provide students with an insight into their own motivation preferences.

Human Resource Management, The Creative Workforce: Who is the creative worker and what do they bring to an organisation? Are they the innovative, imaginative, spontaneous, off- the-wall risk taker who persistently thinks ‘outside the box’ as has often been portrayed; or do they instead possess a balance of skills and personal attributes that enable them to channel their creative ability pragmatically? This taster talk will discuss the concept of creativity and the creative worker, using exercises to enhance student’s own creativity.

Business and Management, Entrepreneurship: An entrepreneur can be described as someone who initiates, maintains and develops a profit-orientated business. They are most commonly associated with small business start-ups. This taster talk will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of running an entrepreneurial business, providing students with a practical day-to-day guide to both the successes and difficulties of this popular phenomenon. Welsh-language talk available.

Human Resource Management, ‘We’ versus ‘I’, The importance of Teamwork: Leadership is often attributed to one individual, but a successful outcome is rarely achieved by one person alone. Instead, teamwork is crucial to organisational performance. A team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals and approach for which they are mutually accountable (Katzenbach and Smith, 1993). This taster talk discusses the performance and the role of individuals within a team, providing students with an insight into their own preferences, abilities and working style.

Human Resource Management, Leading and Facilitating Change: Leading and facilitating change is about initiating and achieving the smooth implementation of new developments and initiatives by planning and introducing them systematically. Leading and facilitating change is probably the most demanding of all HR roles. This taster talk discusses how the process of change can be lead and managed successfully and provide students with an insight into their own attitudes towards change processes and how to manage resistance to change.

International Tax and Tax Avoidance: Countries are concerned over flight of capital and savings from their jurisdictions to low or no tax jurisdictions- Tax Havens.  Phenomenon has reached such proportions as to be considered harmful and is no longer a tolerated side effect of International Finance but a threat to the equilibrium of world economies.Trillions of dollars of personal wealth is held offshore by rich individuals and multinationals.This talk will look at some of the tax avoidance techniques that multinational companies utilise and will identify specific techniques that well established and well-known companies make use of and how the tax authorities are dealing with these issues.

Leadership Activity Workshop: This workshop is designed to develop student’s confidence, team-working, leadership and employability skills. Teams are allocated a number of different tasks such as orienteering, self-assembly ‘dragons den’ project and presenting a news bulletin. Each team is mentored by a member of staff or student ambassador and a de-briefing is provided after each activity to help students identify and build upon their preferred skill set and those of their team. This workshop can be accommodate a 1 hour, 2 hour, half day or full day session.

International Outreach

Aberystwyth Business School is continuing to develop its international activities with the aims of:

  • Broadening the international exposure for students studying on all of of our programmes
  • Providing more opportunities for students from all over the world to come and learn with us and to experience our unique learning environment 

These activites include: 

  • Research partnerships 
  • Student exchange programmes 
  • Articulation agreements 
  • Preperation programmes 
  • Visiting academics