Marcin Kuna


After graduating from high school in Poland in, I embarked on the Tourism Management degree at Aberystwyth University as it was something largely related to my interests. Thanks to the broad spectrum of possible module choices offered by the University I was able to construct the course model which was most suited to my desired education profile. Throughout the three years of my undergraduate course, I was able to direct my education towards elements of Marketing, Business and Social Studies which complemented my knowledge of tourism

Where are you now?

Six months after graduating I am in the middle of the Advanced Marketing Course (Master of Economic and Social Studies) at Aberystwyth. I am cooperating with the European Social Fund (ESF) on a managerial project involving close cooperation with the industry representatives and practical use of skills and their development. As I am an Access To Masters Project student, my course is partially funded by the ESF.

My present position has allowed me to develop a number of useful contacts and acquire valuable experience in the field of marketing and management in the industry.  Also my future prospects will definitely be improved due to the project activities associated with the course. The course itself allows students to closely cooperate with industry representatives which is highly beneficial as it allows students to build professional networks. I am currently in the process of applying for a PhD scholarship

How did you get there?

Marketing is a field which I have a great interest in and I had a strong desire to improve my skill and knowledge in this area, which led me to apply for the Access to Masters course offered by Aberystwyth University. The course was very appealing as it involves the practical implementation of student skills and theory.

Where are you going?

Ideally I would like to go on to completing a PhD course relating to Marketing and Management as well as Tourism issues. I also intend to acquire relevant wok experience in the fields of marketing and tourism

What advice would you give to a student doing your subject at university now?

Make sure you achieve a good balance between studying and your social activities. There are plenty of opportunities available at the University and throughout the town of Aberystwyth.  Listen to the guidance from your tutors and lecturers, analyse it, understand it, and use it. The tutors and lecturers at the University are highly experienced and educated people who are more than willing to aid your development. What you do at University will affect your future life, so make sure you make the most of your time, and attempt to keep as many doors open as possible, so that you will have no regrets.