Mr Hugh Preston BA (Hons), DipLib., DMS, FHEA, UKAISM

Mr Hugh Preston

Senior Lecturer

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Following graduation from Manchester University Hugh worked in the Information Unit of a medical research institute at University College London before postgraduate study in Information Studies at Aberystwyth. He worked for the Consumers' Association in London and then in an educational research agency. After four years working for a national educational policy organisation in York he returned to Aberystwyth after postgraduate study at Humberside Business School. He joined the Department of Information Studies and subsequently transferred to Aberystwyth Business School within the Institute of Business and Law where he is Thematic Group Leader for Management, Marketing & Tourism.

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Professional Activities

Member of United Kingdom Academy for Information Systems

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Member of Editorial Board of Information Research



Research interests

Decision and business process modelling, information use in the health sector, information system design, information service evaluation, information systems in global economics



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