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Prof Nicholas Perdikis

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Professor Nicholas Perdikis is an international business economist who graduated from Cardiff University. After post graduate work he went to London to work in the City before moving on to Aberystwyth. He is also a Research Associate at the Estey Centre for Law and Economics in International Trade, Saskatoon, Canada. He has acted as a consultant to the United Nations Committee for Trade and Development (UNCTAD). Recently he worked on a Foreign and Commonwealth Office project examining the implications of the proposed free trade agreement between the EU and India on the trade of both the UK and India. His current teaching commitments cover International Trade and Trade Policy, International Business, the Business Cycle and the Business Environment.

His long standing interest in international trade issues has generated considerable research output. A principal theme running through his work has been the way international regulation interacts and impinges on trade. In particular he has examined this in the context of exporting, international investment, the role and behaviour of multinational companies, consumer issues and international economic institutions. Several journal articles, chapters and books have been written on these subjects.

A further aspect of his work has dealt with the European Union in particular issues of accession and bilateral trade relations (ASEAN, India, Canada) and their effect on business and exporting. Again several journal articles, books chapters, books and reports have appeared on these issues.
Several publications have also been devoted to trade issues of interest to Middle Eastern and African countries. Themes covered include trade policy and exports, trade relations with the EU and the role of multinational companies.



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