Dr Sophie Bennett

PhD Management and Business, Msc Econ Masters, BA Hons

Dr Sophie Bennett

Lecturer in Management

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Sophie's research is primarily focused within the Creative Industries; specifically it considers the way in which this sector can inform current organisational practice and policy. Her current work involves a study of Craftspeople and Artists based in Mid and West Wales. It examines how creative people balance the need to both earn an income and gain self-fulfilment from work to maintain successful creative enterprises, and the wider implications of this within both an organisational and regional economic context.

Sophie graduated in 2002 with a BA (hons) Drama Degree. In 2011 she completed an MscEcon Management Degree specialising in the Creative Industries and was awarded the Director's Prize for MscEcon Management. In 2016 she obtained her Doctorate from Aberystwyth University, funded by a Knowledge Skills Economy Scholarship Award.

For more information about this research please visit LinkedIn: uk.linkedin.com/pub/sophie-bennett/52/a89/282



Creative Industries, Motivation, Small Business Management, Regional Economic Development

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  • Tuesday 11:00-12:00
  • Friday 12:00-13:00


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