16.1 Introduction

1. Throughout this section of the Academic Quality Handbook the term ‘University’ refers to the Aberystwyth University. The terms ‘Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor’, ‘Head of Department’ ‘Academic Registrar’, and ‘Faculty Registrar’ may include designated members of staff acting on behalf of these staff. It applies to all registered students at Aberystwyth University as defined in its Rules and Regulations.

2. The University has a responsibility to ensure that all students on schemes with professional status should maintain appropriate standards of behaviour, both in relation to academic study and to placements in a professional setting.

3. The University also has a responsibility to ensure that students following a programme of study leading to a professional qualification or which is registered with a statutory regulatory body are suitable to enter that profession.

4. This section outlines the expectations for all students at Aberystwyth University and also outlines the procedure for investigating concerns about a student’s Fitness to Practise. It should be read in conjunction with the departmental requirements and professional codes of conduct and departmental procedures. These are issued for the following study schemes:

(i) All PGCE schemes in the School of Education

(ii) All PCET schemes in the School of Education

(iii) BA Education schemes with early years practitioner status

(iv) BVSc (AVS FTP Procedure)

(v) Nursing