13.3 Investigation of Final Review

1. The Final Review stage will not usually consider the issues afresh or involve a further investigation, however, the Pro Vice-Chancellor (or nominee) may request additional information from relevant persons, if felt necessary.

2. Where the Pro Vice-Chancellor (or nominee) feels that there is a conflict of interest or has had any direct involvement in the case, the case will be referred to another Pro Vice-Chancellor (or nominee) for consideration.

3. The Pro Vice-Chancellor (or nominee) may, should they wish, request that a Final Review be referred to a Final Review Panel for consideration.

4. The Panel will consist of three members to include the Pro Vice-Chancellor (or nominee) investigating the Final Review as Chair, another Pro Vice-Chancellor (or nominee) and a representative from the Students’ Union.

5. The Panel members will have not had any prior involvement in the case.

6. The Panel Secretary will be the Deputy or Faculty Registrar (or nominee) responsible for administering the Final Review procedure.

7. The Panel Secretary will:

(i) Send copies of all documentation to be placed before the Panel, to the student and other interested parties attending

(ii) arrange the date, place and time for the Panel hearing and inform the student and all relevant parties of the same.

8. The student shall be informed that they shall have the right to attend the Panel hearing. The student shall be required to inform the Panel Secretary whether or not they wish to attend. If the student indicates that they do not wish to attend, or does not respond to the invite (provided all reasonable steps have been taken to contact the student), the Panel hearing will continue to proceed in their absence.

9. Should the student or other relevant parties not attend the Panel hearing, having previously indicated to the Panel Secretary that they would attend, and provided that all reasonable steps have been taken to contact the student or other relevant parties, the hearing shall proceed in their absence, unless there is a compelling reason not to do so.

10. The student may be accompanied at the Panel hearing by a person of their choice, for example, a fellow student, a representative of the Students’ Union, or a member of the Academic Staff. If that person is acting as a legal representative, then the University must be informed at least three working days before the date of the hearing.