11.6 References

PG Taught Applicants – 1 reference required

Applicants for PGT courses must submit at least one reference. In most cases this will be an academic reference but in some cases it will be a work based reference (e.g. for Masters courses with iMLA or for experienced non-graduates).

Offers may be made for PGT courses prior to the receipt of a reference. In this case, receipt of a satisfactory reference will be a condition of the offer. Applicants will not be admitted without a satisfactory reference. N.B. Excludes PGCE, LPC and GDL.

PG Research Applicants – 2 references required

All applicants for PGR programmes must submit two academic references to support their application. 

PGCE Applicants

PGCE applicants who have graduated within the last 5 years must submit an academic reference which to comments on their degree performance. This is an integral part of their application via UCAS. A second referee may also be named.