11.6 Entry Requirements

1. The University operates an inclusive admissions policy, and applicants are selected on their individual merits.

2. Academic Departments, in consultation with the Postgraduate Admissions Office and Planning Department, will be invited each autumn to submit details of their proposed Postgraduate entry requirements for the next application cycle. This information will be collated by the Postgraduate Admissions Office in the form of an offer making strategy, presented to the Recruitment and Marketing Board and forwarded to the University Executive for their approval.

3. Approved minimum entry requirements for each study scheme are published on the University’s website and in the postgraduate prospectus.

4. Enquiries relating to the University’s postgraduate entry requirements should be directed to pg-admissions@aber.ac.uk

5. Postgraduate applicants are generally required to demonstrate current or prior study at a minimum of UK Bachelors (Honours) Degree Level, or international equivalent, from an institution recognised by Aberystwyth University at a level that satisfies 11.6.3 above.

6. The University accepts a range of non-UK qualifications for admission onto postgraduate programmes. Qualification equivalences are set by the University in consultation with UK ENIC and sector approved standards.

7. Applicants who do not possess a degree qualification may be considered for admissions on the basis of at least 24 months relevant work experience.

8. At the University’s discretion, an applicant may be considered for a place on their chosen postgraduate study scheme without the required level of academic qualifications or relevant experiential background, by means of a ‘Special Case’ review. This generally applies only to those with non-UK qualifications. Evidence pertaining to ‘Special Case’ applications is compiled by the Postgraduate Admissions Office, who advise and consult with the relevant academic department before seeking approval by the Recruitment and Marketing Board.

9. It is the responsibility of an applicant to inform the University of any circumstances that may have unduly affected their previous or current study. This information should be submitted to the Postgraduate Admissions Office at the point of application or at the earliest opportunity if the special circumstances arise post-application.

10. Special circumstances will be considered at the discretion of the relevant Postgraduate Selector where these have not already been taken into account by the relevant examination board.

11. The University’s Student Support and Careers Service offers pre- and post-application information, advice and guidance to students with additional learning needs. Further information is available at: https://www.aber.ac.uk/en/student-support/.

12. The University’s policy on the admission of disabled students can be found in Appendix 2.