11.7 Transfer of Credit

1. Applicants wishing to apply to transfer credits for taught modules onto Aberystwyth University taught Masters schemes must submit the standard course application, and specify how many credits they wish to transfer. Applicants must submit a transcript for the relevant studies to be transferred, together with the relevant syllabus (either as a pdf document or provide the relevant URL).

2. Applicants wishing to claim credit for prior learning are advised to review our rules and regulations in respect of Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme. Please see: https://www.aber.ac.uk/en/academic-registry/handbook/learning/#

3. Requests for credit transfer will be considered by the relevant departmental Postgraduate Selector, or subject expert, who will determine whether or not credit transfer is appropriate. The Credit Transfer Authorisation Form (see Appendix 8) will need to be completed and authorised by the relevant Postgraduate Selector in each case.