11.8 Regulations for the degree of PhD, MPhil and taught Modular Masters

The main elements of the rules and regulations pertaining to Methods of Candidature, Registration and Time-Limits, and Codes of Practice are now available at the following URLs:

Part B - Rules & Regulations
Graduate School

Full-time Research in an External Place of Employment (PhD or MPhil)

Careful consideration of the feasibility of the project, adequacy of research facilities and of supervisory arrangements are required before offers are made to applicants for this particular candidature. It must be ensured that adequate contact between the (prospective) student and the supervisor will be maintained throughout the period of study as the student will not be resident in Aberystwyth. This is further complicated by the need to ensure the full co-operation of the student’s employer and the student’s conditions of employment do not alter during the period of study.
Application for Full-time External research must be submitted via PG Admissions and shall include a written statement from the applicant's employer stating that the applicant will be working on full-time research on a particular topic.

The candidature cannot be offered unless the employer shall agree with the Head of Department concerned that the research work shall be undertaken under the direct supervision and control of a supervisor nominated by the Head of the Department with specific duties relating to the candidature. Such control shall include the right of the supervisor to have access to the candidate and his work at all times in the place of his appointment. The Head of the Graduate School must also be satisfied with the local supervisory arrangements at the candidate’s place of work.

Contact between the candidate and the supervisor must be maintained throughout the period of research. A brief report, written by the candidate and endorsed by the supervisor, must be submitted to the Head of the Department at AU three times a year, at the end of each term.

Any candidate who changes his employment or whose conditions of employment alter during his scheme of study must notify the Head of Department at AU concerned immediately. In all such cases the University will determine, in the light of these circumstances, whether, and if so under what conditions, the candidate's registration for the degree can continue.
The control of the topic of research and of all conditions governing the candidature shall at all times remain with the Head of the Department at AU and shall be subject to the approval of the Faculty concerned.

The same factors relate equally to Full-time External MPhil candidates.

Points to Note:

1. If the above requirements cannot be met, then student should not be admitted.

2. Regular contact between the candidate and the supervisor is stipulated throughout the period of research and termly reports from the candidate, endorsed by the supervisor, submitted to the Head of Department. Faculties should monitor compliance with it as part of their monitoring of postgraduate candidatures.

3. The supervision of external candidates, whether part-time or full-time 'industrial', presents particular challenges for students and supervisors. Therefore arrangements for adequate supervision, however defined, are a pre-requisite for a successful candidature. Therefore it is recommended:

a. that departments must provide such students with a clear statement of the supervisory arrangements, including frequency of face-to-face contact, which would apply to them;
b. that, in order to protect themselves as individuals and the University generally, supervisors must keep a formal record of their supervisory contacts with their students. These records must be placed on departmental files and form part of the annual review of students' progress.
c. the same should apply to full-time students who spend part of their period of research away from AU (e.g. fieldwork or extended library visits).