11.8 References

1. All applicants for Postgraduate Taught courses are required to provide at least one reference in support of their application for study. All applicants for Postgraduate Research programmes are required to provide two academic references to support their application. In most cases these will be academic references. However, in some cases a work-based reference may be more appropriate, for example, in the case of experienced non-graduates.

2. Where submitted by the applicant as a document at the point of application, references must be provided on an official letterhead and signed by the referee. Alternatively, having obtained consent from the proposed referee/s, applicants may provide the referee contact details as part of the application process, and the referee will be contacted automatically to request the letter of reference.

3. Offers may be made for postgraduate courses prior to the receipt of a reference. In such cases, receipt of a satisfactory reference will be a condition of the offer. Please note that PGCE applicants must submit a reference as part of their application via UCAS.

4. PGCE applicants who have graduated within the last 5 years are required to provide an academic reference which comments on their degree performance. This is an integral part of the application via UCAS. A second referee may also be named.