11.14 Student Visas

1. Aberystwyth University is a registered ‘sponsor’ under the Student Visa Point-Based Immigration system (PBS). This gives the University the ability to recruit and sponsor students who are nationals of countries outside the UK. The Home Office places responsibilities on students and universities to ensure immigration laws are adhered to.

2. Applicants from outside the UK will typically require a Student Visa (before they can enrol and study on a course at the University, except for those in receipt of settled or pre-settled status as part of the EU Settlement Scheme. In some cases, such as for those studying a short non-qualifying postgraduate (NQPG) programme or those needing travel to Aberystwyth for a short study school, a Short Term Study Visa will be required.

3. Applicants applying for a Student Visa will require a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from the University. Prior to issuing a CAS, the University will undertake a checklist which includes:

  • Evidence of how the academic decision has been made
  • A copy of the offer letter outlining full course title and course dates
  • A copy of final academic qualifications reviewed in reaching an offer decision, including certified translated versions where applicable
  • Evidence of valid English language proficiency
  • A copy of the applicant’s current valid passport
  • Financial evidence checks (where applicable)
  • Confirmation that the applicant has supplied a financial deposit to the University (where applicable)
  • Receipt of an Academic Technology Approved Scheme (ATAS) certificate (where applicable)
  • Statement of satisfactory academic progression (where applicable).

Following successful completion of the CAS checklist, a draft CAS will be issued by the University and emailed to the applicant for their review.

4. When an applicant confirms the draft as correct, a CAS will be assigned and the Home Office will then issue a CAS number to the University. This number will be forwarded to the applicant. Please note that a Student Visa application cannot be made more than six months before the start date of a course.

Enquiries relating to the University’s Visa, Immigration and Compliance policies should be directed to compliance@aber.ac.uk