Regulations for Approval of Qualifications and/or Relevant Experience for Admission to Higher Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates of Aberystwyth University

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1. Introduction

In Sections 2-7 of these Regulations are listed a series of qualifications together with guidance based on the policy of the Aberystwyth University with regard to the admission of holders of such qualifications to postgraduate study or research.

1.2 The minimum periods of candidature required for a Master's degree of the University are one calendar year (full-time) and two calendar years (part-time). Aberystwyth University shall satisfy itself as to the candidate's fitness to pursue postgraduate work and Heads of Departments may at their discretion require any Master's degree candidate to study for longer than these minimum periods.

1.3 Non-graduate candidates for entry to postgraduate diploma and certificate courses in Education (e.g. the PGCE) are advised to check with the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills/ Welsh Assembly Government their status in the teaching profession. It should also be noted that qualifications regarded by the BIS/WAG as conferring graduate status in the teaching profession are not necessarily regarded by the University as equivalent to degrees.

1.4 The AU Postgraduate Admissions Office in conjunction with and at the request of the relevant academic department may recommend Special Cases to the AU Academic Board or the relevant Pro Vice-Chancellor, who chairs the Academic Board, of prospective postgraduate students whose qualifications are not recognised in these Regulations. The relevant Pro Vice-Chancellor will have the executive authority to decide on individual cases. The outcome of these cases will be reported to the Academic Board on a regular basis. It should be noted that - in spite of the best endeavours of the University and the Committee - it can take some time to determine the equivalent standing of previously unrecognised qualifications. As a consequence, students should not be admitted to study until such time as confirmation of the standing of their qualification is obtained from the Committee and/or the Chair of that Committee.

1.5 These Regulations are subject to annual revision.

1.6 Foundation degrees are of a standard below that of Bachelor’s degrees and thus would not enable holders of such qualifications to matriculate for postgraduate study with Aberystwyth University.

2. Graduates

The University has approved the admission of the following to candidature for:

(a) The degree of PhD, pursued as a full-time or part-time candidate.
(b) Master's degrees, pursued as a full-time or part-time candidate.
(c) All postgraduate diplomas and certificates.

2.1 Graduates of degree-awarding Higher Education Institutions in the United Kingdom.

2.2 Graduates holding a degree awarded by the Council for National Academic Awards.

2.3 Graduates of the Camberwell College of Arts

2.4 Graduates of any University, College or other Institution which is currently recognised by the UK NARIC and whose degrees are considered comparable to at least UK Bachelor’s (Ordinary) standard.

3. NonGraduates whose Qualifications may admit to all scheme

The University has approved the admission of holders of the following qualifications to candidature for:

(a) The degree of PhD, pursued as a full-time or part-time candidate.
(b) Master's degrees, pursued as a full-time or a part-time candidate.
(c) All postgraduate diplomas and certificates, pursued as a full-time or a part-time candidate

3.1 A Graduate Diploma from the Welsh College of Music and Drama

3.2 A Graduate Diploma in Computing from Glamorgan University

3.3 A Diploma from the Institute of Linguists

3.4 Qualifications in Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Surgery, which are registrable in the UK.

3.5 A Diploma in Architecture awarded by any School recognised by the RIBA.

3.6 Membership of the Royal Town Planning Institute.

3.7 Graduateship of the Royal Society of Chemistry (where awarded with a Pass the graduateship is also recognised for the particular purpose of entry to PGCE schemes).

3.8 Membership of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

3.9 Corporate Membership of the Institute of Physics.

3.10 Membership of the Institute of Biology.

3.11 Fellowship of the Library Association.

3.12 A Diploma in Social Studies and also a Diploma in Applied Social Studies or equivalent, both being awarded by approved Universities after a minimum of three years' full-time study.

3.13 Graduateship of the City & Guilds Institute

3.14 Corporate Membership of the following bodies (or other grade of membership requiring attainment of the body's educational standard for Corporate Membership):

The Royal Aeronautical Society

The Institutions of:
Chemical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Electronic and Radio Engineers, Gas Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Metallurgists, Mining Engineers, Mining and Metallurgy, Municipal Engineers, Production Engineers, Structural Engineers.

The Institutes of Energy, Marine Engineers

The Royal Institution of Naval Architects

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists

3.15 Graduate Diploma in Building, Anglia Polytechnic University/Anglia Ruskin University


4. NonGraduates admitted on the basis of Relevant Experience

The University may also approve the admission to candidature of non-graduates whose relative lack of formal qualifications is compensated for by their relevant experience. Such a candidate must have held a position of responsibility of relevance to the proposed scheme of study for a minimum period of 24 months. This is to be verified at the decision stage of the application process by checking the application materials, particularly the references.

Non-graduates may be admitted in this way to candidature for:

(a) Master's degrees, including MPhil, pursued as a full-time or part-time candidate;
(b) All postgraduate diplomas and certificates, pursued as a full-time or part-time candidate

Non-graduates may not be admitted to doctoral or PGCE schemes.

5. Assessment of Non-UK HE Qualifications

5.1 Applicants who possess qualifications that are considered below UK Bachelor’s (Ordinary) degree standard from Institutions recognised by the UK NARIC would not normally be eligible to matriculate. However, if they have acquired additional HE experience since obtaining their qualification so that their cumulative learning experience is comparable to that of UK Bachelor’s (Ordinary) degree their cases may be considered as Special Cases by the AU Academic Affairs Committee or relevant Pro Vice-Chancellor if recommended of the AU Postgraduate Admissions Office and relevant academic department.

5.2 The AU Postgraduate Admissions Office asses the qualifications of applicants who possess non-UK qualifications.

5.3 The main source of reference is the UK National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC), which provides a web-based reference system and enquiry service. The National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) has a wealth of experience on which to draw, both in terms of standard published sources and reports from the field.

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6. The Award of AU Qualifications to Incoming Exchange Year

Awards of postgraduate qualifications of the Aberystwyth University may be made to incoming exchange students in cases where each of the following criteria were satisfied:

(i) the student possessed, at the time of entry, qualifications which were recognised for the purposes of admission to study (in the case of students following a postgraduate scheme, therefore, the provisions of these Regulations must be applied);

(ii) the appropriate tuition fee had been paid;

(iii) it was clear that the learning acquired by the student in pursuit of their AU qualification would not contribute in any way toward the scheme of study being followed at the ‘home’ institution.