Regulations for Graduate Diplomas

1. Graduate Diplomas of the University may be awarded following successful completion of a modular scheme of study as approved by the University on either a full-time or part-time basis.

2. The Graduate Diploma is an undergraduate award offered at CQFW level 6 (HE level 3). Students must complete a minimum of 120 credits at CQFW level 6. The criteria for the award are the same as for Bachelor’s degrees.

3. The Graduate Diploma is designed to prepare students for Master’s level study or equivalent professional work in a different subject area from that of their initial degree, or where knowledge and skills from an earlier degree in the same subject need to be updated.

4. Where there is a conflict of interest between University regulations and requirements of a Professional Body, the requirements of the professional body will prevail, subject to confirmation that the Professional requirements are accepted by the Senate.

5. To be eligible for admittance to an award covered by these regulations a candidate shall:

(i) have fulfilled any entry conditions which may be required by the programme in question; and
(ii) have qualified for an initial degree of the University, or of another University approved for the purpose, or hold another qualification which is recognised by the University as being of graduate equivalence.

6. Students can be awarded Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and/or Recognition of Prior Experiential Learning (RPEL) in accordance with the relevant University procedure. The maximum number of credits which may be accepted to count towards a Graduate Diploma award shall be 60.

7. The regulations and examination conventions for modular initial degrees shall apply to the Graduate Diploma.

8. The maximum time limit for the Graduate Diploma will be 2 years for full-time candidates and three years for part-time candidates.

Updated: Sept 2021