Regulations for Return to Practice (Adult Nursing)

1. Aberystwyth University will inform the NMC following successful completion of 60 credits of return to practice modules.

2. Students are required to pass all component assessments in all modules.

3. The modular pass mark shall be 40%. At the discretion of the Examining Board students will have ONE resit opportunity. They shall be eligible only for the award of the minimum pass mark in each module, irrespective of their actual level of performance. Additional resit opportunities may be made available by Examination Boards where it is accepted that performance was affected by special circumstances.

4. Students who are absent without good cause or explanation from examinations or who fail because of non-submission of assessed work under rules defined by the University shall suffer the penalty set out by the University. Those who, because of medical, compassionate or other special grounds, have failed or been absent from module assessments, may with the approval of the Examination Board be allowed to resit for the full mark. Such students shall have the option of resitting the relevant module(s)at the end of each module.

5. Subject to paragraph 3 above, where a student has failed a module overall but has passed certain assessed elements, the marks achieved in those elements shall normally be carried forward to any resit.

6. Return to Practice students must complete the full 60 credits, including any resit attempts, within 27 weeks.

7. Students will only have ONE attempt to complete the 60 credit Return to Practice course at Aberystwyth University.

8. Examination scripts and other assessed work shall be retained by Departments for a minimum of six months after candidates complete their modules.