Postgraduate Change of Registration

Please read the following notes carefully before completing the Change of Registration Form

The form must be completed whenever a student makes any changes to their academic study. The form must be completed at the time the change takes place and cannot be processed without the students' signature. Completed forms should be returned to the Academic Registry, First Floor, Cledwyn Building once all the relevant signatures have been obtained.

1. Change of Candidature under Section A

Any change made under section A requires the relevant departmental staff signature(s). Changes made to Study Scheme which involves a change to your qualification aim will require the Faculty Associate Dean Learning and Teaching signature.  A change to your mode of study will require the signature of your Supervisor, the Head of Department or the Head of the Graduate School. Taught students must obtain the Scheme Co-ordinator signature.  In all cases the Institute Director signature is required.

2. Changes under Section B (Research Postgraduates)

Any change made under section B requires a Supervisor(s) signature.

3. Change of Module(s) under Section C.

Changes to your module registration always requires the signature(s) of the relevant module AND scheme co-ordinators. Changes made to modules after the first three weeks of a semester must be countersigned by the Faculty Associate Dean Learning and Teaching. NOTE: You cannot make changes to your module registration after the relevant semester teaching has completed.