Mrs Heather Norris MA Criminology; BA Psychology and Religion; Postgraduate Certificate in Education 2012 - 2015 - Doctoral Candidate 2012 - 2015 - Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education

Mrs Heather Norris

Teaching Fellow in Criminology

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Norris, G., Norris, H.N., Brookes, A. 2017. Audio-feedback versus Written-feedback: A Dialogic Insight. AUTEL 2017.

Norris, G., Norris, H.N., Brookes, A. 2017. Audio versus written feedback: Exploring the impact of feedback type on students use of APA style referencing. HEA Annual Conference 2017.

Norris, G., Griffith, G., Norris, H.N. 2017. Risk Assessment in Youth Justice: A Child-Centered Approach to Managing Interventions. In W. Petherick., G. Sinnamon. (eds) The Psychology of Criminal and Antisocial Behavior: Victim and Offender Perspectives. Elsevier pp. 211-229. Cadair