4.9 Conventions for the Award of Certificates or Diplomas of Higher Education

1. Certificates and Diplomas of Higher Education may be awarded as qualifications in their own right to students who have successfully completed schemes of study approved by the University.


2. In addition Certificates and Diplomas of Higher Education may be awarded as qualifications to students who successfully acquire credits which are insufficient for the award of a degree, subject to any scheme-specific requirements.


3. The conventions which will apply in these latter cases are:


Certificates of Higher Education

4. The successful acquisition of 120 credits, according to the conventions which normally govern completion of Part One of degree and Foundation Degree schemes.


Diplomas of Higher Education

5. To qualify for a Diploma in Higher Education students must have:


(i) pursued at least 240 credits overall, with a minimum of 100 credits at Level Two or above;


(ii) obtained passes at 40 in at least 90 credits in Year Two (or its equivalent) or 120 credits over Part Two as a whole (excluding Level S modules).


6. Suitably qualified students may be granted exemption from up to 120 credits at Level One via arrangements for Credit Accumulation and Transfer.


7. Students who temporarily withdraw with the intention of returning to their studies at a later date will not be eligible for the award of the Certificate or Diploma of Higher Education at the time of their withdrawal.