Living and Studying in Aberystwyth

Students on the beach watching the sunset

Described as the ‘liveliest seaside resort in Wales’ (Britain: The Rough Guide), Aberystwyth is a friendly, cosmopolitan community with considerable resources.

The town’s cultural and intellectual life is invigorated by four art galleries, four theatres, by cinemas and film festivals. It has the largest Arts Centre in Wales, a major venue for exhibitions by contemporary artists and designers.


The town also enjoys the distinction of being the site of The National Library of Wales. One of only five copyright libraries in Britain, its extensive collection of watercolours, drawings, prints and photographs of international significance provides excellent facilities for academic study and research in the visual arts.

Originally a medieval walled-town, Aberystwyth nestles between countryside and sea, an area of mid-Wales renowned as an environmental haven and for its spectacular scenery. For over two centuries its combination of pastoral and picturesque, romantic and sublime landscape has inspired artists like Richard Wilson, J. M. W. Turner, John Sell Cotman, and John Piper. The vestiges of the Iron Age and thirteenth-century fortifications, together with an eclectic mixture of Victorian, Gothic, and Classical revival architecture, make up the rich historical flavour of the town.

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