Future Climate Dialogues

Symposium at Aberystwyth University, Arts Centre

13 June 2013

Lidar image of the Dyfi Estuary.Call for papers

We welcome proposals for oral or poster presentations that address the theme of collaboration between the arts and the sciences in addressing the climate change debate. It is expected that proposals will be submitted by those interested in, or already pursuing, projects that cross the humanities, fine arts, and social, physical and applied sciences. The symposium’s principal remit is to consider the potential for future collaborative research that might arise from the cross fertilization of arts and science disciplines. It is hoped that out of this dialogue a number of new avenues for collaboration will emerge.

Chaired panel discussion sessions will be focused around the following overarching questions:

Session 1: What can be gained from collaboration between art and science?

  • Possible discussion points include: historical relationships between art and science; the dynamics of collaboration between artists and scientists (e.g. discussion of methodological differences/outcomes, alternative perceptions etc.).

Session 2: How can climate science best be disseminated to the public?

  • Possible discussion points include: public understanding of climate change knowledge production and dissemination; use of visualisation in climate research and public engagement/education; artistic expression.

Session 3: How can we promote new synergies between art and science?

  • Possible discussion points include: strategies for future research (e.g. the potential for creative interrogation of climate data and model outputs).

Session 4: How do we best represent future climate uncertainties?

  • Possible discussion points include: historical and cultural readings of past climate change; use of language and imagery (e.g. in discourses of climate change ‘fear’ or ‘solution’?).

Abstracts for oral or poster presentations should be no longer than 300 words and should target one of these specific sessions. Please state whether you would prefer an oral or poster presentation. Applicants are also requested to provide a 50-100 word biography in addition to their abstract. The deadline for abstract submission is March 15th 2013. Following receipt of abstracts, the programme will be finalised and participants notified by April 12th 2013.

The event at Aberystwyth Arts Centre will also feature films and installations and we welcome submissions to run alongside the main programme.

This event is a collaboration between The Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, The Arts Centre and The School of Art, organised by Julian Ruddock (SoA) and Dr Stephen Tooth (IGES). All abstracts and biographies should be sent to Julian Ruddock at jcr3@aber.ac.uk as should any other enquiries regarding the symposium.

Registration for the symposium is £20, which includes lunch and refreshments. The event is free for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

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